Live show review in On Stage Central Texas

Check out this great review of our show at the Combat Vet Rally, written by Sara Seven from On Stage Central Texas:

Towne Adams distinguished himself among acts playin the Combat Vet rally with their originals.Towne’s articulate,’real life’lyrics and the bands overall tight listenable sound elevate them to a plane that might be a bit above the herd. Towne Adams has been described as Central Texas’s answer to Bob Dylan-very high praise indeed-and difficult to live up to. Towne’s writing struck me as being most like some of the Dylan songs from 1970 to 1980,the crumbling marriage years,meetin, greatin and cheating songs. His vocals , though gruff and masculine,are fortunately, not so reminiscent of Dylan (in his much parodied later years)but are a bit like the younger Jakob dylan. Crowd reaction for Towne Adams was quite enthusiastic considering the band was playing outside their home turf. I appreciate good songwriting and want to foster this area’s original music. As such,I’d like to see these guys do well and establish an even bigger following in the coming years. I believe they will.